Let’s Get Physical!

Posted On March 17, 2010

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In an attempt to get committed and actually remain committed to something, I began a new exercise routine today! Well, actually the new routine was exercising itself! HA! But, seriously, I used to exercise all the time. But, somewhere along the way, I stopped committing to it and about 15 pounds later, here I waddle (smile). Just kidding, I don’t actually waddle, but I’m no longer the size I the remember so fondly!

So, I went to the gym this morning! I woke up at 5:00 am and I was out of the door by 5:30 am!  I was dressed in new gym clothes (great motivator), I had my work clothes in hand, and I was off to get physical!!!  Upon arriving at the gym I noticed that many people chose the morning as a great time to exercise! There was a great feeling in the gym, the ladies were friendly in the locker room, and knowing that I only had an hour to workout made the time fly by. 

I started on my favorite weight machines and then migrated over to the exercise bike and stayed there until it was time to return to the locker room.  One of the things I observed this morning, which was painfully obvious to see and feel, was that exercising takes commitment.  I saw some great bodies, defined legs, muscular arms, and flat abs, but it all takes commitment.  They didn’t sculpt their bodies overnight or during one morning workout session.  It took a serious time, mental, and physical commitment to achieve the results they desired.

I decided to start committing to exercise. I am going to hit the gym Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings.  Pray for me people (smile) and hold me to it!  This is my journey.  Til later…

Love and Simplicity,

Candice 30th Edition


I seriously need to be committed!

I clearly have not been as committed to this blog as I should have or could have been .  I thought that since I always have random thoughts, I would always have something to write, something to share with you all.  But, as it turns out, I do have a lot to share, but I don’t always feel like putting it on paper. I don’t always feel like taking the time to put my thoughts into words.

This blog, similar to other things in my life, sometimes fall by the wayside. I start out excited – – bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. But, somewhere between staying up too late and waking up too early and working very hard in both my professional and personal lives, I sometimes have trouble staying committed to things that don’t reap tangible rewards.  I find it hard to stay committed to some things just for commitment sake.

I always say that there are two types of people in this world: commitment people and those people who don’t commit.  Some people are just committed fully to everything they do. They are committed to their jobs, their families, their friends, their hobbies, their associations, and their church.  Whereas, others can be committed to jobs, families, and friends, but they may not be committed to their hobbies, their associations, or their church.  I think I am the latter person, striving to become a commitment person.

This thirtieth year of my life has brought me a lot of joy and some disappointment, but most importantly, it has brought me lessons.  Life lessons that I can grab hold of and study to improve myself.  Commitment is one of those many lessons I still need to learn, and hopefully master.  This blog is going to help me.  So I need you guys to hold me to it. What are some things you struggle committing to?  Are you a commitment person? I’m back on my journey!  Til next time…

Love and Simplicity,

Candice 30th Edition

The Blame Game is so Last Edition!



After reflecting on yesterday’s Responsibility post, I began to further examine my life and the additional responsibilities I have claimed over the years.  One of the main things I have taken responsibility for is my life!  So many times people blame others for their fate.  They blame their parents for not holding them enough. They blame their father for abandoning them. They blame their mother for favoring their older sister. They blame their teacher for making them sit in the back of the class. They blame their supervisor for giving them the most difficult projects. They blame their friends for breaking their confidence. This “blame game” can go on and on indefinitely! In everyone’s life there have been situations where blame could easily be placed on someone else.  But when do we choose to take the blame?  When do we decide to “man-up” or “woman-up” and take the responsibility for our lives?

I’m thirty. But there are situations that have happened in my life that 80-year-olds have never experienced. I have dealt with things that have ripped my heart apart.  I have lost friends that I thought I would never lose and I have faced situations that I never imagined facing.  So, it would be so easy for me to blame my life’s situations on other people. It would be so easy to play the victim and call everyone else the victimizer. To be honest, I’ve been there. I’ve been in a place where I wanted to be the victim, I wanted people to feel sorry for me, I wanted the person who hurt me the most to be placed front and center. 

However, I’ve now grown to the place where I take responsibility for my decisions and the repercussions of those decisions. I have taken responsibility for my life. I’ve come to realize that I wasn’t always the victim. I’ve come to realize that in many situations there are two sides and both sides have a different perspective and different reaction. I’ve come to realize that I’m not always right. I’ve come to realize that sometimes maybe I was the victimizer.

Taking responsibility for the tough stuff is never easy, but it’s critical.   Taking responsibility is a part of maturing and while maturing, I’ve found less opportunities for excuses and more opportunities to just take responsibility. 

Taking responsibility is definitely a process. Stay with me on this journey. We are going somewhere (smile).  Until next time…

Love and Simplicity,

Candice 30th Edition


 So, it’s day 4 of the “30-watch” and I find myself contemplating more and more about life and what it’s all about.  I think about the significance of my life and whether or not I will leave an impact or a footprint in the lives of my family and friends. I wonder if my life would have been worth something when it’s all said and done. What differences could I have made? What things could I have done differently? How will I be remembered?

Now, I realize I’m “only” 30 and prayerfully not close to death, but those questions still linger in my mind.  I feel a responsibility to do better and be better in hopes of making someone’s life just that much better. To me it all boils down to responsibility. What responsibilities will I willing take on and what responsibilities will I shed.

I think that the older I become, the more selfish I become. Not selfish and stingy, but selfish and responsible.  I’m more responsible with my time. I can’t do everything for everyone and leave nothing for myself. I’m more responsible with my money. Although I consider myself a great gift-giver, I don’t buy extravagant gifts as much anymore. I try to use my money more responsibly, being a better steward over what I’ve been blessed to earn.  I’m more responsible with my heart. I don’t just love anyone, share my feelings with anyone, or become emotionally invested in just anyone.  

Being 30 and becoming more responsible in various areas of my life will ultimately make me an all-around better person.  And becoming a better person will undoubtedly leave a lasting footprint and have a positive impact in the lives of my family and friends.  It all starts with responsibility!  Follow me on my journey. I have such a long way to go! Until…

Love and Simplicity,

Candice 30th Edition

Day 3 of 30

Ok People. So, I turned 30 a couple of days ago and actually enjoyed my birthday. Food and shopping with people I love always make any day great for me. I’ve had about 48 hours of realizing that I am indeed 30 and instead of resisting this natural stage in life, I should probably just try to embrace it. With that thought, I decided to make a few changes. 

Change can cause things to change. It’s a simple statement but very true. Change can be difficult but it also can be rewarding, especially when you succeed at making a difficult change. One of the changes I decided to make is a personal one — changing how I relate with certain people.

The older I become, the more I realize the importance of relationships and the more I value the relationships I have.  I didn’t write yesterday, because I spent the time reflecting on my current relationships. Many of my relationships bring me joy, however some relationships have become unnecessary, frustrating, and disappointing. 

As this year continues, I will begin making the conscience choice to nurture and preserve my healthy relationships and allow my unhealthy relationships to fade away. Hopefully the end result will be positive, healthy relationships that allow me to grow, learn, and thrive.  I’ll keep you updated on my journey. Until later…

Love and Simplicity,

Candice 30th Edition

Ok. So Im 30…today!

Dessert 30th Edition

March 1, 2010. I turned 30 today! What does that mean? I woke up with an array of feelings physically moving around inside of me.. It’s hard to discern these feelings. I don’t know if I’m sad, lonely, indifferent, or just tired. Either way, I don’t feel like smiling, laughing, or joking –although I really want to smile, laugh, and joke. Maybe, hopefully, one of these days I will. Hopefully that day will be today. Hopefully that day will be today. Hopefully that moment will come soon. I’m waiting.

The morning feelings have now faded considerably and after a nice shower, a few great Facebook messages, voicemails, texts, and calls. I am ready to begin my day as a 30 year old woman! Seriously, do you know how hard it is for me to type that phrase, “30 year old woman”? Anyway, I digress, my boyfriend has picked me up from the hotel and we are off to celebrate my birthday.

I’m back at the hotel, in the same room, same bed where I turned 30 just a few hours ago! I must say that although I didn’t have a thrilling start to my day, it ended well. I had a great lunch, great shopping, great dinner, and a great, BIG and RICH slice of cheesecake to end my birthday! I guess it’s time to bid a fond farewell to my 20s and a slight wave to my 30s. What a ride I have ahead of me. I hope you’ll join me on my journey through Candiland 30th Edition. Til tomorrow…

Love and Simplicity,

Candice 30th Edition