Day 3 of 30

Ok People. So, I turned 30 a couple of days ago and actually enjoyed my birthday. Food and shopping with people I love always make any day great for me. I’ve had about 48 hours of realizing that I am indeed 30 and instead of resisting this natural stage in life, I should probably just try to embrace it. With that thought, I decided to make a few changes. 

Change can cause things to change. It’s a simple statement but very true. Change can be difficult but it also can be rewarding, especially when you succeed at making a difficult change. One of the changes I decided to make is a personal one — changing how I relate with certain people.

The older I become, the more I realize the importance of relationships and the more I value the relationships I have.  I didn’t write yesterday, because I spent the time reflecting on my current relationships. Many of my relationships bring me joy, however some relationships have become unnecessary, frustrating, and disappointing. 

As this year continues, I will begin making the conscience choice to nurture and preserve my healthy relationships and allow my unhealthy relationships to fade away. Hopefully the end result will be positive, healthy relationships that allow me to grow, learn, and thrive.  I’ll keep you updated on my journey. Until later…

Love and Simplicity,

Candice 30th Edition


3 Responses to “Day 3 of 30”

  1. LBJ

    Wonderful goal for 30!!!! Down with things that don’t matter and UP with things that do!

  2. KJ

    Dear Candice 30th Edition,

    I can’t agree with you more that “Change can cause Change”. I have embraced change with postive attitude, thoughts and speech which resulted to ONLY healthy friendships and relationships! Can’t wait to hear more of your journey through 30!

    • Candiland 30th edition

      Thanks LBJ and KJ for your comments. It is so important to remember what’s important! Keep following my journey and keep sharing your experiences!

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