The Blame Game is so Last Edition!



After reflecting on yesterday’s Responsibility post, I began to further examine my life and the additional responsibilities I have claimed over the years.  One of the main things I have taken responsibility for is my life!  So many times people blame others for their fate.  They blame their parents for not holding them enough. They blame their father for abandoning them. They blame their mother for favoring their older sister. They blame their teacher for making them sit in the back of the class. They blame their supervisor for giving them the most difficult projects. They blame their friends for breaking their confidence. This “blame game” can go on and on indefinitely! In everyone’s life there have been situations where blame could easily be placed on someone else.  But when do we choose to take the blame?  When do we decide to “man-up” or “woman-up” and take the responsibility for our lives?

I’m thirty. But there are situations that have happened in my life that 80-year-olds have never experienced. I have dealt with things that have ripped my heart apart.  I have lost friends that I thought I would never lose and I have faced situations that I never imagined facing.  So, it would be so easy for me to blame my life’s situations on other people. It would be so easy to play the victim and call everyone else the victimizer. To be honest, I’ve been there. I’ve been in a place where I wanted to be the victim, I wanted people to feel sorry for me, I wanted the person who hurt me the most to be placed front and center. 

However, I’ve now grown to the place where I take responsibility for my decisions and the repercussions of those decisions. I have taken responsibility for my life. I’ve come to realize that I wasn’t always the victim. I’ve come to realize that in many situations there are two sides and both sides have a different perspective and different reaction. I’ve come to realize that I’m not always right. I’ve come to realize that sometimes maybe I was the victimizer.

Taking responsibility for the tough stuff is never easy, but it’s critical.   Taking responsibility is a part of maturing and while maturing, I’ve found less opportunities for excuses and more opportunities to just take responsibility. 

Taking responsibility is definitely a process. Stay with me on this journey. We are going somewhere (smile).  Until next time…

Love and Simplicity,

Candice 30th Edition


5 Responses to “The Blame Game is so Last Edition!”

  1. LBJ

    Let me grab my seatbelt and buckle up. I want to see where you’re going!

  2. KJ

    I’m ready for the ride……. Can’t wait to read what’s next!!!!!!!!!

  3. Candiland 30th edition

    I’m hoping this ride won’t be bumpy! Smile.

  4. Jewelry

    Cute blog! As a new mom, I feel like each day I’m “racing to nowhere,” but I’m always down for a journey;)

    • Candiland 30th edition

      Thanks Jewelry! Ironically, I often feel the same way. Thus, the lack of recent blog postings! You’ve inspired me to change that today! New blog post later on today!

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