I seriously need to be committed!

I clearly have not been as committed to this blog as I should have or could have been .  I thought that since I always have random thoughts, I would always have something to write, something to share with you all.  But, as it turns out, I do have a lot to share, but I don’t always feel like putting it on paper. I don’t always feel like taking the time to put my thoughts into words.

This blog, similar to other things in my life, sometimes fall by the wayside. I start out excited – – bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. But, somewhere between staying up too late and waking up too early and working very hard in both my professional and personal lives, I sometimes have trouble staying committed to things that don’t reap tangible rewards.  I find it hard to stay committed to some things just for commitment sake.

I always say that there are two types of people in this world: commitment people and those people who don’t commit.  Some people are just committed fully to everything they do. They are committed to their jobs, their families, their friends, their hobbies, their associations, and their church.  Whereas, others can be committed to jobs, families, and friends, but they may not be committed to their hobbies, their associations, or their church.  I think I am the latter person, striving to become a commitment person.

This thirtieth year of my life has brought me a lot of joy and some disappointment, but most importantly, it has brought me lessons.  Life lessons that I can grab hold of and study to improve myself.  Commitment is one of those many lessons I still need to learn, and hopefully master.  This blog is going to help me.  So I need you guys to hold me to it. What are some things you struggle committing to?  Are you a commitment person? I’m back on my journey!  Til next time…

Love and Simplicity,

Candice 30th Edition


6 Responses to “I seriously need to be committed!”

  1. Sha

    I agree; there are 2 types of people in this world…

  2. Kim S.

    I wholeheartedly AGREE! I have THEE hardest time committing to things that I so often WISH that I could. Im not sure what it is..am I tired? or think that I’ll be tired once Im done with whatever it is? I’d like to think that Im not being lazy! I too am the latter part. I committ to my fam and friends, well most of my friends. I am struggling with that too seeing as how many of my friends have events that I get invited to all of the time but dont always make it..not sure why. and I dont always make it to church like I’d like to either. Not that Im unable. I need a push from within! I try live by this sometimes: “I can sleep when Im dead” Just to try and enjoy all I can out of life..not to “sleep” it away, with excuses such as, “I’ll go next time” or “Im tired and dont feel like it”. There may not be a next time to be there for a friend or to enjoy what life has for you period.

  3. LBJ

    First of all, I’m LAUGHING at SHA! I can only imagine the two types of people that commenter is talking about.

    2nd-This is a perfect post! Every blog and procrastinator needs to print and post this. We all need a little push in the area of commitment!

    As a fellow blogger, I can relate to the lack of commitment in writing your content, but I encourage you to invest the personal time, daily, to gather your thoughts and write. You have great flow with your posts and WE ALL WANT TO HEAR WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY!

    We’ll hold you to it. Where can we e-mail you to remind you to post? LOL

  4. KJ

    Great post Candice 30th Edition!!!!!!!! I can honestly say that I’m fully committed to my family, friends, job, association, hobbies and church. Unfortunately as it relates to church, I’m just fully committed to attending weekly….lol

  5. Candiland 30th edition

    Thanks for your replies!!!

    Sha, yeah I know exactly the two types of people you are referring to! HA!

    Kim, thanks for your comment!!! I have a difficult time staying committed to certain events too. I am such a homebody, some days I prefer not going out. But, just try not to commit. If you already know that you may cancel, then offer a tentative reply (smile). Give them a “maybe”.

    KJ, thanks girl! Well, I am glad you are committed to church weekly. That is a huge and important commitment within itself!!!! HA!

  6. Candiland 30th edition

    LBJ, lack of commitment in posting is definitely something I am trying to overcome! You do such a great job with lbjsbrownbag.com. I am trying!!!! Thanks for the encouragement!

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