So, it’s day 4 of the “30-watch” and I find myself contemplating more and more about life and what it’s all about.  I think about the significance of my life and whether or not I will leave an impact or a footprint in the lives of my family and friends. I wonder if my life would have been worth something when it’s all said and done. What differences could I have made? What things could I have done differently? How will I be remembered?

Now, I realize I’m “only” 30 and prayerfully not close to death, but those questions still linger in my mind.  I feel a responsibility to do better and be better in hopes of making someone’s life just that much better. To me it all boils down to responsibility. What responsibilities will I willing take on and what responsibilities will I shed.

I think that the older I become, the more selfish I become. Not selfish and stingy, but selfish and responsible.  I’m more responsible with my time. I can’t do everything for everyone and leave nothing for myself. I’m more responsible with my money. Although I consider myself a great gift-giver, I don’t buy extravagant gifts as much anymore. I try to use my money more responsibly, being a better steward over what I’ve been blessed to earn.  I’m more responsible with my heart. I don’t just love anyone, share my feelings with anyone, or become emotionally invested in just anyone.  

Being 30 and becoming more responsible in various areas of my life will ultimately make me an all-around better person.  And becoming a better person will undoubtedly leave a lasting footprint and have a positive impact in the lives of my family and friends.  It all starts with responsibility!  Follow me on my journey. I have such a long way to go! Until…

Love and Simplicity,

Candice 30th Edition


One Response to “Responsibility”

  1. LBJ

    What a great, great lesson for us all to take heed–no matter our age. In fact, this is a great reminder and standard to regularly consider. It would help us in the smallest situations, I think.

    Great post!

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